Welcome to BVH!

Fifty years ago, Dr. A.C. Brown opened the doors to Beltsville Veterinary Hospital and saw his first clients. A native Marylander with a rural background, Dr. Brown had a vision: an animal hospital that was neither rural nor metropolitan. He wanted to provide a practice for those who had household companions as well as working or farm animals. In the beginning, that’s exactly what Beltsville Veterinary Hospital was: a sanctuary for the farmer and the suburban pet owner. As  Beltsville developed into a more suburban area over time, the practice changed with it. We cared for fewer and fewer farm animals and more and more companion pets. Solely a practice for cats and dogs now, it remains under Dr. Brown’s care. All these years later, the patients may differ, but the vision is still the same. Let Beltsville Veterinary Hospital be your sanctuary for the care of your pets.