Here at Beltsville Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s health is our number one concern. In order for us to help you keep your pets healthy, we offer a multitude of services.

Wellness Exams

-Yearly check-ups are recommended in order to monitor your pet’s health and catch any age associated illnesses early.


-Vaccinating your pet(s) and keeping them up to date is very important. Vaccines offer protection from many illnesses that could make your pets sick. Please call 301-937-3020 to check your pet’s vaccine status.

Heartworm testing (For dogs)

-Testing for heartworms is one of the most important tests offered to our dogs. Heartworm is a fatal disease that is spread by mosquitos and affects heart and lung health progressively.

-A great aspect of the heartworm test we offer is that it also test for three different tick borne diseases. Lyme disease, ehrlichia and anaplasmosis are the three most common tick borne diseases can that affect our dogs.


-With an ever increasing pet population and many diseases associated with older unneutered pets, BVH recommends neutering all pets. Please call 301-937-3020 to schedule your pet’s pre-op appointment.

Dental Cleaning/Teeth Extraction

-Keeping your pets teeth clean is not only for the benefit of good smelling breath. Dental disease can lead to or aggravate heart related diseases along with implications in many other health disorders. BVH recommends doing dentals based on your pet’s dental needs. Every pet is different and every pet’s teeth are different. Your pets teeth can be checked at their yearly exam and dentals can be scheduled based on your pet’s individual needs. Please call 301-937-3020 to schedule your pet’s pre-op appointment.

Other surgical procedures

-BVH offers a variety of other surgical procedures based on need. Procedures include, but are not limited to: growth removal(s), exploratory, eye enucleation, entropion. cherry eye repair, cystotomy, mammectomy  and nail cautery. Please note, a pre-op appointment is required prior to any surgical procedure. Please call 301-937-3020 to schedule an appointment for any possible surgical need.

Blood work

-Many of our aging pets need periodic blood work to ensure long and healthy lives. Blood work is sometimes needed to assist in diagnoses of various ailments. BVH is partnered with Antech Diagnostics and Idexx Diagnostics to ensure that we get the most accurate and fastest results for your pets.

Radiographs (X-Rays)

-Radiographs are a priceless tool. BVH is proud to announce the new addition of digital radiographs on site. Please call, 301-937-3020, for more details if you are interested in pursuing OFA certification for your dog.


-With more and more medicines being approved for veterinary use, BVH is glad to accommodate your pet’s needs. We offer an in house pharmacy with competitive prices when compared to on-line pharmacies. Please call, 301-937-3020, to inquire about any specials being offered at this time regarding your pet’s flea and tick medication or heartworm preventative. Please note that by law we are only able to prescribe medications to current patients.


-BVH does not employ professional groomers. We do, however, offer basic grooming services Monday through Friday. We offer basic baths, with nail clipping and ear cleaning included, and maintenance shaves, lion cuts (mostly for cats) and all body shaves. Up-to-date rabies vaccine, or proof of, is required before grooming can be scheduled. If you are currently not a client, an appointment is required prior to grooming to establish your pet’s good health and vaccine status. If sedation is needed, doctors are available to assist our groomers. Please call 301-937-3020 to schedule your pets grooming appointment or pre-grooming appointment.


BVH offers basic boarding for clients only. We offer a safe place for your pets to stay, a veterinarian on hand to attend to any medical needs that may arrise and veterinary technicians who are able to continue any medications your pet is currently taking. Please call 301-937-3020 to schedule your pets boarding reservation.


Surgical/Treatment Drop-Off Form (Fill out prior to your drop off appointment)

Boarding Drop-Off Sheet (Fill out prior to dropping off for boarding)