Meet the Doctors

Dr. Mary Prowell

Dr. Prowell attended Texas A&M University and began working at BVH after graduating in 1975, making her our most senior veterinarian at the practice. Like so many veterinarians, Dr. Prowell has given refuge to quite a few furry companions. She currently has 4 cats: Mouser, a little character with cerebellar hypoplasia; Jimmy, an orphaned kitty who was raised by a foster mom; Sharkie, who initially had to be quarantined for 6 months as a rabies suspect but luckily showed no sign of rabies and was able to get a home with Dr. Prowell at the end of the quarantine; and Cyborg, a semi-feral kitty who doesn’t let her ongoing eye issues slow her down. In addition to her 4 cats, Dr. Prowell also has 2 very sweet Australian Shepherds, Evie and Nyx, a mother and daughter pair I’m sure you’ve seen lounging around the hospital on a daily basis. To complete this full house, Dr. Prowell also has 2 horses: Cal and Snickers. At various times these horses have accompanied Dr. Prowell on one of her favorite pastimes, trail riding. A former competitive trail rider and 50-mile endurance rider, she now enjoys pleasure trail rides with friends and her canine companions. When she is not trail riding, she often enjoys bird watching. Dr. Prowell has 3 sisters; one is a retired city planner living in Colorado, the second is a retired professor at LSU in Baton Rouge. Her third sister and her niece are American flight attendants who reside in Florida. And, to top off this family, her nephew lives in Texas and owns a heating and air conditioning business.

Dr. Kathryn Fink

Dr. Fink attended Michigan State University and graduated in 2004. In October of the same year, she moved to Maryland and began working at BVH. Her current ensemble of furry companions consists of two cats and two dogs. The eldest in her house is a 14-year-old grey tabby named Strider. Strider was the last kitten who needed a home from a litter born in her parents’ barn. Strider has a unique charm in that he is a polydactyl, meaning he has extra toes. Sydney, a grey and white male, was Dr. Fink’s first pet she adopted from BVH. Ten years ago, he was the last kitten remaining from a group of kittens abandoned at the hospital. Sophie was the first dog added to this furry family. She is a very sweet three-legged Pomeranian who walks on two legs. You may have seen her teetering around the hospital in the evenings. The newest addition is Walker, a very sweet Goldendoodle, who was a Christmas present to Dr. Fink’s husband a year ago because he wanted a “real” dog. Dr. Fink is the oldest of three girls. Her middle sister lives in Missouri with her husband and their two young sons, while her youngest sister is in Michigan finishing up her business management degree. Her parents are both retired and have remained in Michigan, although they love to travel. Dr. Fink currently resides in Ellicott City with her husband John, whom she married in April 2011. When Dr. Fink is not at work, she fills her life with friends and family. She loves staying physically active with walking many of the local trails and spending time outdoors. If she’s not outside, she’s inside enjoying a good book or cooking/baking.

Dr. Elizabeth Passmore

Dr. Passmore attended The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Virginia. She graduated in 2014 and returned to her home state of Maryland. A native Beltsvillian, Dr. Passmore began working at Beltsville Veterinary Hospital in 2004 as a kennel attendant. In between undergrad and vet school, she returned through the years to work as a veterinary technician and participate in externships. Beltsville Veterinary Hospital is now pleased to welcome her back as a doctor. Dr. Passmore is the proud owner of an 8 year old mixed breed dog named Laney. Laney was originally a foster dog, but after 2 months of living with Dr. Passmore she worked her way into Dr. Passmore’s heart and has found her forever home. Whenever the chance arises, Dr. Passmore enjoys going for hikes with her ever-eager hiking buddy Laney!

Dr. Rex Pfeiffer

Dr. Pfeiffer is one of our long-standing relief vets. He attended University of Georgia and graduated in 1979. He began working at BVH in 1995. Currently, he does not have any furry sidekicks. However, Mopple, our BVH house cat, would say otherwise. When he is not working at BVH or any other local hospitals, he enjoys golfing and skiing.

Dr. LeeAnne Palmer

Dr. Palmer only works weekends here at BVH. She graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and began working here shortly after. She currently has three dogs and two cats. The first is Austen, a very sweet 10-year-old Pembroke Corgi. He was initially intended, by the breeder, to be a show dog. He didn’t quite make it in the show ring and was given to Dr. Palmer when he was a little over a year. Her other dog is Annie, a sassy little Cardigan Corgi who has acted as a substitute mother to Dr. Palmer’s newest dog, Millie. Millie is a sweet yellow Labrador Retriever who was given to Dr. Palmer because of her overbite. Mr. Noodles and Curley are her kitties. They are 10-month-old brothers she adopted from Small Miracles Cat Rescue in Ellicott City. Along with this already full house, Dr. Palmer has three sons. Her two oldest sons are currently attending college, and the youngest is in high school. When she is not working, Dr. Palmer enjoys staying active by skiing, jogging, hiking, and doing aerobics.